Lament of the Spiritual Dollar

In 2006 I was teaching spiritual development classes and working as a therapist. I saw so many losers and con men/women, that I felt inspired to pen this little song.


Lament of the Spiritual Dollar
(a tribute to the modern world of the spiritual guru in D Minor on a rusty old acoustic g’itar)

I came I saw I was awakened by the lure of the mighty spiritual dollar
I changed my name and I threw away the chance of fame
I became a Genpo and a Baba.
Now all around folks from outta town,
They gathered to hear me talk yeah –
They buy my books, they praise my name
They even sniff my grits yeah.
Yehaw …

I found a way to make my way through life.
While all around me I see people falling down,
Butchered by the gods of oppression.
They nearly had me too but I quickly flew –
To the feet of an empty vessel.
In my honest way I found a way –
To the feet of the holy dollar.
And the money tree sets me free.


I found a way to make it pay through the hearts of all them suckers.
They came crashing down,
To hear about the god that they carry around.
By the millions they came following my name –
For it ain’t no sin to help them see.
All of us have exactly what we need –
For it ain’t no sin to help them be.
But only for a fee.


Then one day I couldn’t make ‘em pay.
There was no one knockin’ at my door,
Someone else had wooed my people.
And I found myself feelin’ really grim –
So I listened real hard to the silence within.
The money tree was still there but I didn’t really care –
So I listened real hard to the laughter of children.
Only then did I know what money couldn’t grow.


So here I was
Lookin’ round
At the peddlers who were pushin’.
We had Indian Joe was makin’ a show bout being a plastic shaman.
We had Meister Malichi was teachin’ folks bout finding your way through ya DNA.
While Texas Tik Tak was harpin’ on bout the Hopi Gods and their prophecy.
But my favourite one was the great god Osiris the greatest god of the underworld,
Come back from the land of eternity through the body of a man called Bill.
So I sucked my way from the needle stack to the stack of hay
And I came to this one conclusion :
It was all empty air, made from threads bare and joined in a great confusion.
So I changed my name back to the one my mama adored,
I closed my door and thanked the good lord.
Now I found my way without money or fame
Now I talk to my neighbours and I talk to the birds
And I listen really hard for the silence between words.


© R.J. Hudson 2006.


The Wonder of Each Moment

I spent a large part of my life suffering and then later worked with many other people who suffered. When I realised the preciousness of each moment, everything changed and my experience of life shifted. A life threatening illness woke me to the splendour of each moment and helped me to see how to honour my body as a teacher and a voice for the soul. I wrote this poem as a reminder of the moment and how the moment finds its way into the experiences of the body.


The Wonder of Each Moment

The body moans and groans,
With small agonies
Long since sent away,
To some forgotten landscape within.

As space moves across space,
Gradients change
And space shrinks and expands
opens and closes
consumes and expels.

The mind conceives time,
In a place of space,
Where perception sees what it wants to see.
The body growing older
And the mind following in submission.

Age created from moments only half lived.
Moments when the life force was only partly expressed.
Vitality pushing outwards through the body into space.
But there in the experience of being in the body,
Experience is hammered into what should and should not be.
The full expression of life killed in the moment.

But the body never lies
it never lies
it cannot lie.
Instead it takes every thing
That enters its being and finds a place for it
And anchors it with memory.

Memories gather in the body –
Some reflections of pure moments that were lived fully,
Others reflections of jaded moments that erased in their prime.
Those that were fully lived
fully create harmony.
Those that were erased
disturb the flow.

And in the midst of life,
The river keeps flowing.
The Tao within and the Tao without,
At one with all that is light and all that is dark.
Where life is lived fully
it unfolds naturally with ease.
Where life is erased
it unfolds in knots and disease.
The perpetual unfolding of life,
finds it’s own rhythm in the flow.
Sometimes moving gently.
Sometimes moving chaotically.
Sometimes shifting from one to the other –
But always moving in response to the moment.

Moments lived fully,
Give full expression to the soul.
Moments erased,
Extinguish the souls’ perfection.

The three great poisons in this human life,
Bring nothing but darkness to the soul.
But in knowing them,
We find our own antidotes
And the soul shines forth in radiant perfection.

There is only one secret to living a great life –
To live fully and feel everything
That arises in the moment.
Not to turn away,
To avoid, suppress or deny
But to embrace,
To feel in the heart, the mind and the body,
What is.

A breath has many moments
But each moment exists outside the breath.
Breathe and live,
Be and exist,
Feeling the wonder of each moment.


© R.J. Hudson 2015.