The Ghost Of Monumental Silence

I have used my life in part, to understand the nature of reality, the nature of mind and the nature of suffering. In this poem, written in 2000, I explore God and it’s relationship to mind, suffering and memory. You may however find your own meaning in this poem.

I borrowed this title for the title of this blog because I like it and because I felt that this poem pretty much sums up much of what I want to say in poetry.


The Ghost Of Monumental Silence

‘Twas the twilight of the frogs and a black mosquito symphony called,
When my eyes walked there – to that cauldron of scorpions –
The journey – twisted, like a lean road through a hedgehogs back.

I am the accident that sired meaning – The little ripples of death,
Having put away prophecies with blood – I am crazing myself in a word –
Now in my inhuman way – I am like a dusty parable.

Bearing the bodies of my dreams to you –
These cells embellished with suffering –
Their eyes reappearing – the only hope of empty men.

Whaled like a beach – Like solace, spawned from tasteless dust.
Ideas are beheaded – dawning forever, in the partitions of the eye.

At sunrise they leap from their cradles – broken before the light,
And in your mind, cataracts wicked and unmoving –
Prey like a snake upon the mouse – The sun dividing itself inside of me.

Ah, the pleasure of the mind is to say nothing,
Mystical intelligence – circling from the whole of my wake –
Oceans of creation, breaking like freak textures of the mind.

But the notes of your certainty bring a vengeance – to The One –
He, who feels – wisdom in His eyes – as You stare into My open hand –
The Who of the How – The Ghost of Monumental Silence.


© R.J. Hudson 2000.



Hello fellow humans and welcome to The Ghost of Monumental Silence. I’m R.J. Hudson.

I’ve been writing poetry since 1987, when I fell under the spell of  U2’s “Joshua Tree” album and Inxs’s “Kick” album. I’ve published a little poetry here and there – mostly in university magazines and online. I’m currently working on a collection of about 500 poems, selected from a much larger group of poems that I’ve written since 1987 and am looking to publish this collection in late 2017. I’ve been writing online under a pseudonym since 2000, about a range of non writing/poetry related subjects. This is my first real public effort to share my poetry.

I began writing as a way to save myself from darkness and continued to write for myself – with no intention of sharing my work. In the last 15 years, the darkness which plagued me has subsided and I have come to understand my true nature and the nature of all phenomenon. My writing reflects my journey from darkness to light and through a process of understanding and integration. Unfortunately now, I am forced by necessity to compartmentalise my online life into two aspects – the one who writes about more mystical and unusual subjects and the one who writes for the pleasure of writing.

I think of myself primarily as a story teller and a healer. Poetry is merely one expression that I enjoy. It has been an expression that has helped me to heal and to explore, both inner and outer worlds. I also write plays, musicals, essays, novels and non fiction. In time it is my wish to bring the fruits of all of my creations into the wider world.

This blog is a beginning and marks my entry into the writers world !

In time I will try to share a wide cross section of the poems I have written these last 30 years. I will indicate the year I wrote the poem and where possible provide a context for how the poem came to be.

It is my wish that my poems provide you with something that you did not have before and arouse your heart and mind.