The Adventures of Mr. Cheese Dick

Here’s a little song I wrote in 2006 after having had my share of encounters with Mr Cheese Dick’s !


The Adventures of Mr. Cheese Dick
(a psychadelic Neil Young electric guitar style song played in the key of A with an upbeat tempo)

You know Mr. Cheese Dick
Every body’s got a Mr. Cheese Dick
Some where close by

Mr. Cheese Dick cares only about himself
He’s a universe unto himself
You wanna see him fall down a black hole
But it never seems to happen
Nothing bad at all
Keep on walking Mr Cheese Dick
Walk on by

Mr Cheese Dick :
He’s the guy who pushes in at the supermarket and doesn’t say a word
He’s the guy who slams the door in your face and doesn’t even notice
He’s the guy who tail gates so close you can see the colour of his eyes
He’s the guy who won’t spend time with his kids but drinks his life away with his buddies

You’re an ugly man Mr. Cheese Dick
I suppose you have a name
Your someone’s father, someone’s brother, someone’s uncle or someone’s son
Maybe your even someone’s grandpa or someone’s friend
Worse still – your someone’s lover


Holy mother mother of humanity
Please soften the heart of Mr. Cheese Dick
He’s a real prick
Pushing and shoving his way through life
At the expense of everyone else

You made us all
And we try and love one another
But whenever I see Mr. Cheese Dick
People seem to suffer
What a pain in the arse



© R.J. Hudson 2006.


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